Changes in the Summertime

Coming back to Rollins from the summer break, the campus may feel a little different. Over the past couple months, workspaces around the college were relocated, the Office of Disability Services was re-named, and changes were made to the student meal plan. We hope that these changes and moves will help all of our students, staff, and faculty thrive as these rearranged spaces highlight our institutional values, as well as improve the quality of campus life for everyone at Rollins.

One of the main questions we found ourselves asking when re-considering office space was how can spatial relationships deepen our institutional relationships and college mission. Looking at a map of Rollins before the summer moves took place, it became clear that a number of our offices that closely align in their work were distant from one another. This not only meant that students had to bounce back and forth between offices to get the resources they needed, but that the ability for collaboration and input between offices was impeded. However, our new office spaces emphasize proximity to resources and networks. Carnegie Hall, for example, is now a hub for students’ academic needs – advising, records, and degree completion are all within a few steps of each other. For students looking to take what they’re learning in class out into the world, the Mills Building offers resources to engage with local and global communities through International Programs, the Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub, and the Center for Leadership and Community Engagement. We hope you’ll see in the months to come that in each of these office moves not only are offices spatially closer, but are also in greater relational proximity.

Listed below are the new locations for our re-located offices, taken from Rollins 360’s article, “Moves With a Mission.” I invite you to look over the list and think of the new possibilities afforded by these new spaces.

  • International House Fraternity & Sorority Life has moved from the Mills Building to the International House.
  • Olin Library Accessibility Services is on the first floor of Olin Library
  • Warren Building Deans from the College of Liberal Arts and the Hamilton Holt School are located in the second floor of Warren, next to Cahall-Sandspur Field, along with the offices of Grants and Contracts, Corporate and Foundation Relations, and the Vice President for Institutional Advancement.
  • Troutman Building Human Resources is now in the Troutman Building, which is located a block from campus at the corner of Fairbanks and New York avenues.
  • Mills Building Community Standards and Responsibility, International Student & Scholar Services, International Programs, and External Scholarships are on the main floor of Mills. Go upstairs and you’ll find the Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship Hub (along with CLCE, which will remain where it has been).
  • Carnegie Building Student Records, the Bursar, Academic Appeals & Degree Completion, and Academic Advising are now housed on the second floor of Carnegie.

As shown above, the former Office of Disability Services has not only relocated to the 1st floor of Olin Library, but has also gone through a name change. Now the Office of Accessibility Services, this new title better encapsulates the mission of the office to make our entire campus as accessible as possible, and to overcome barriers that would prevent our community members from fully experiencing Rollins. Moreover, its new location in Olin makes it much more accessible for those needing testing accommodations and/or meeting with Accessibility Services staff.

Many shared that it was difficult to get enough to eat on the Rollins meal plan system. After listening to student input, Dining Services has announced that the Marketplace in the Cornell Campus Center is converting to a buffet system, allowing students to get their fill for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For those with specialty diets, the Marketplace will still have a space committed for meal accommodations. For those worried about losing Buffalo Chicken Salad Wednesdays, those will also be sticking around! Further information (such as the new times for the Marketplace) can be found in the full announcement on changes to the dining plan.

While change can be challenging, I am truly excited for the ways that these re-locations and other changes will strengthen our community and encourage flourishing on all corners of campus. Related services and programs now share space, creating “one stop shops” across campus that make it easier to access resources, Accessibility Services is expanding its ability to serve our students, and through the collective wisdom of our student body, we’re improving dining services. I trust that as we enter the new academic year, these changes will bring about closer relationship across campus and deepen our sense of wholeness, individually and collectively.

In the coming weeks, please take time to visit our staff in their new locations across campus – I know they would love to give you a tour!

As always, please also feel free to visit my office (upstairs office suite in the Cornell Campus Center) or the Student Care office (downstairs office suite at the back of Dave’s Boathouse) with any needs or questions you may have. I look forward to seeing you all as we start a new academic year!




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