Coping. It’s not a word that comes up when you’re planning a vacation or about to enjoy a night out with friends. It’s part of the vernacular for dealing with stress, loss, grief, or events that suddenly emerge into our lives. Coping is a way in which we can make sense of our feelings in light of difficult or challenging circumstances. So, with the direction of our wonderful Wellness staff, I wanted to share some ways to enter into this process of “coping,” whether it is related to loss or grief, stress of midterms, deadlines or any other number of life’s events. 

  • Enjoy the little things take time out for you and your friends to enjoy the little things in life, ride a bike, watch the sunset, spend time with a pet, or grab a bit to eat with a friend. Appreciating the little things.
  • Engage in community – spend time with others and talk to people. Hanging out and talking to others is sometimes the most healing medicine. Consider attending an athletic event, music, or theatre performance on our campus.
  • Rest – get to bed at a healthy hour and don’t overload yourself.
  • Go outdoors – enjoy the beauty of our campus, fresh air, and sunshine; do things that feel good!
  • Structure your time – maintain a healthy routine as much as possible. Don’t make any big life changes.
  • Keep a journal – if you can’t sleep, write your way through any sleepless hours of the night.
  • Eat – make sure you’re eating well-balanced and regular meals (even if you don’t feel like it).
This is by no means an exhaustive list. These are just means by which we can take steps towards wholeness in difficult and tragic seasons. If you want additional resources, or someone to process with, Wellness/CAPS counselors are available, and I would encourage anyone interested in speaking to a counselor to stop by the Wellness Center or calling (407) 628-6340 to schedule an appointment.
Together, let us cope with grief, loss, and stress, so that we may find healing and wholeness.



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