A lot has changed since you left for summer vacation! The Division of Student Affairs has gone through some shifts and relocations, and I am excited to share with you how these changes will improve our campus community.

After going through last fall and spring’s feedback of over 200 students and engaging in a number of initiatives to revaluate Student Affairs, including campus dialogues, the College’s Career & Life Planning’s Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP), and interactive conversations with faculty, staff, and students, I realigned the student affairs departments to better meet the needs and gaps identified by our campus community.

These realignments were created according to the themes of student Care (Dean of Students), Community, and Career and Life Planning, with an assistant vice president (AVP) for student affairs leading each. After spending the spring working with faculty, staff, and students to identity internal candidates for these positions, I’m pleased to announce the new assistant vice presidents for student affairs. Meghan Harte Weyant is the assistant vice president for student affairs/dean of students, Micki Meyer is the Lord Family assistant vice president for student affairs/community, and Lisa Johnson is the assistant vice president for student affairs/career and life planning.

As part of the new alignments, each AVP now has more strongly associated departments strategically linked to one another. Each alignment area has been very busy this summer meeting as new teams, re-envisioning their work and exploring new synergies to better serve students and our community.

In particular though, I would like to point out two mergers within our community alignment. The first is the joining the multicultural affairs and student involvement and leadership offices. This new strategically aligned office renamed, the Center for Inclusion and Campus Involvement, will elevate all student organizations and offer a social justice and inclusion framework from which every student organization will operate. CICI, as it has been nicknamed, is being led by Abby Hollern and is located in Chase Hall.

The Office of Community Engagement has incorporated leadership programs, and has been renamed as the Center for Leadership and Community Engagement (CLCE). Led by Meredith Hein, the CLCE can be found on the third floor of the Mills Building.

In taking seriously the wellbeing of our campus community members, Rollins has also established a dedicated position of Title IX coordinator  on our campus. I am pleased to report that Diane Willingham has been appointed for this new position, and will be working to prevent and address all forms of sex and gender based discrimination (sexual harassment, sexual violence, stalking, and intimate partner violence). I am confident that the Title IX office will create a safer environment for members of the Rollins community.

Additionally, the Career and Life Planning alignment houses the offices of career development, academic internships, and student employment. They are working collaboratively in the 170 W. Fairbanks Building.

My intention for this reorganization process has been to be forward thinking for our students and community, to build an agile organization responsive to challenges that we may face, and to create deeper collaboration among student affairs offices and academic departments in support of shared work for you, our students.

To learn more about our reorganization, I invite you to read an interview I recently participated in for Rollins 360. Also, make sure to also check out the infographic at the top of the this post to see where all of our Student Affairs offices have relocated.

Lastly, I want to invite you to two upcoming “Community Coffees” on Friday, September 5 at 9:30 a.m. and again at 3:30 p.m. in Dave’s Down Under in the Campus Center. This is a great chance meet with me and our three AVPs for Student Affairs and see our new office space.

I am enthusiastic about this coming academic year and look forward to continue to strengthen campus life and partnerships. I wish you all much joy as our new year begins!

Fiat lux,

Dr. Mamta 🙂


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